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Addiction Treatment

Treatment for Addicted Persons in Rancho Cucamonga

Being addicted to drugs and alcohol is problem that negatively affects all aspects of one’s life. A person who has developed such dependencies is prone to prioritizing their addiction before every other aspect of life. You will notice social skills, job performance, relationships with family and friends, financial security, etc. slowly or quickly diminishing under the cruel grips that substance abuse has. Psychoactive substances also cause a reconnection of brain chemistry making abstinence after given periods of time of dependent use impossible. This is why at A Better Today, our approach to addiction is that it is in fact a disease, not a crime or moral deficiency. This is not a theory that we have developed, it is one that has been adopted and popularized in the medical field. Consequently, our clients are treated as patients with a disease, not criminals. Field professionals have also reported that incarceration is far less effective and humane than treatment. The recidivism rate is enough to come to that conclusion. Being in a nurturing environment allows a person to develop cognitive connections that were manipulated by chemicals.

Addiction is a Disease

The neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for addiction are dopamine and glutamate. Dopamine causes the euphoric effects while glutamate is responsible for storing those feelings in the memory. Drugs produce abnormal amounts of dopamine that overwhelm the brain’s receptors. Once the brain has become accustomed to these high levels of dopamine, it craves them. Glutamate cognitively recalls the effects of the dopamine and causes an obsession to suffice those levels of dopamine. This is addiction in a nutshell.

The treatment process requires a person to rid the mind and body of all mood or mind altering chemicals. Because of the adaptation of the brain to drugs, a person will likely have overwhelming cravings. This can be suppressed through a medically supervised detoxification. Once the brain has returned to state independent of extraneous chemical agents a person can then focus on dealing with issues that contributed to drug use to begin with. This is where our professionally trained therapist come in handy. Our therapists help clients through the process of self-discovery and using healthier coping methods.

There is a much higher success rate for those who enter treatment that offers a welcoming and comforting environment. When a person is able to enter a controlled and monitored facility, it helps them break the connections to the world of drug addiction and the people within it. This allows a person to focus their energy on recovery instead of the temptations of drugs.

There is Hope

It is common for people who are struggling with drug and alcohol dependency to have intense feelings of guilt and shame as a result of their behaviors while being trapped in such a dark reality. Remember, this is a disease. You are not alone and many others have faced the same issue. Thousands of others have also entered treatment to get the help they need and the life they deserve. If you or a loved one is suffering, please do not wait. Call us now at (909) 212-0746.