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Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for people in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Drug and alcohol rehab is a complex process that focuses on various disciplinary approaches for self-discovery, acceptance, and improvement. Treatment gives clients the tools they need in order to stay abstinent from heroin and become more productive members of society. It is up to the clients themselves to utilize these tools and A Better Today guides the process of self-realization that results in a sense of willingness for the clients. There are several phases that treatment at A Better Today includes: Detox, inpatient rehab, intense outpatient treatment, and transitional living.

Detoxification Process

The medically assisted detox is very important in removing the active chemical agents in the body in a timely manner that will also minimize withdrawal symptoms. Many suffering addicted persons, often as a result of heroin, opioid, benzodiazepine, and alcohol abuse are not physically capable of stopping use due to the intense physical distress caused by abrupt discontinuance. The detoxification process replaces such drugs with medications that often have similar chemical structures, but done in a controlled and monitored environment. After an addicted person has been alleviated of withdrawal symptoms, they can then actively participate in the therapeutic process that inpatient treatment has to offer.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Inpatient rehabilitation consists of several different forms of therapy. One-on-one therapy provides a person the opportunity to speak privately to a licensed professional therapist about the aspects of their drug use and themselves as people. The confidential and personal setting of one-on-one therapy is an effective way to get one to feel comfortable to talk about issues that they may feel uncomfortable sharing with others. Group therapy has also been proven to be a very effective form of counseling as well. This allows those in treatment to share with each other along with a licensed professional the nature of their addiction in a manner that builds trust and empathy with others. Being honest with others about oneself is a method used in other forms of treatment involving cognitive behavioral therapy. Intense outpatient treatment and transitional living are similar in that they both guide a person after being exposed to the outside world again. This can sometimes be overwhelming so intense outpatient treatment and transitional living is set to help ease what may be discomforting in the transition process. Intense outpatient treatment is similar to inpatient treatment in that it provides therapeutic methodology while a person back in society. Transitional living provides housing for people for the purpose of establishing a structured lifestyle and learning the tools one needs to stay clean and sober and live a productive life.

A Better Today utilizes these specific approaches to substance abuse treatment because they have been proven to be the most effective. Don’t wait any longer. The help you need and the life you deserve is right around the corner.
If you or a loved one is suffering, please do not wait. Call us today at (909) 212-0746.