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Family Intervention

Intervention services for people in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

An intervention can be a very helpful tool to convince a person that he/she needs help for substance abuse. This process involves a meeting with the addicted person, an intervention specialist, and family and friends. Addiction is a very deceptive disease that can often convince a person that is suffering that there is no problem or that they are too far gone to be helped. At A Better Today, we know these are lies and that it is entirely possible for a person to pull themselves away from the brutal grips of drug and alcohol addiction.

The Intervention Specialist

The process involves active participation from all parties. An intervention specialist is there to assist and guide the process in a manner that yields the best results. The specialist uses proven methods to constructively address issues and effectively help a person get into the treatment they so desperately need. It is important that the family and friends embrace the advice given from the professionals as to not discourage an addicted loved one from making the right decision. Though it is a very important job, a specialist is not necessary. The family and friends may hold there own intervention.

The Family

Family and friends play possibly the most crucial role in an intervention. Done in a controlled environment, these loved ones are able to put the problems on the table while also coming from a place of love and understanding. It is very important that the family and friends do not allow their own frustrations to send them over the deep end, for that can be very counter-productive because it may intensify feelings of guilt and shame in the addicted person. It is no surprise that this person has probably been very harmful to others while in his/her addiction. The loved ones should remember that the person was not always a whirlwind of destruction. There was a time when they were loving and caring individuals. But substance addiction has a way of taking that beautiful individual and turning them into an absolute monster in order to suffice their habits. This is a huge reason why addiction is a disease, not a crime or moral deficiency.

Having loved ones present to address the pain that an addicted person has caused can appeal to his/her vulnerability. This may be the beginning of the person experiencing conscience feelings that have been numbed by drugs or alcohol. But it is only effective if done correctly as to not assassinate the person’s character.

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug and alcohol dependency, please do not wait any longer. If the person is unwilling or unable to enter treatment, there is a solution. Call A Better Today now to set up an intervention. Help is only a phone call away. Call us today at (909) 212-0746.